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The 3M's: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation

For optimized health, happiness, and performance!

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation are 3M’s that most people misunderstand. Most people are ignorant about the true meaning behind these 3M’s while others are often shy away. A brief overview before diving into details of 3M is


It is a practice of controlling your thoughts and being present in the moment. It is simply to become a master of controlling your distracting thoughts. Help to overcome distracting thoughts and stay focused!


It is a practice of deep focus and deep thinking to get a better and deep understanding. It is also a resourceful way to connect your soul with God.

When people think that meditation is what a monk or spiritual guru is doing while sitting pause, crossed legs on a mountain top in Tibet, and continuously humming ‘OM’. But the actual act of meditation is focusing on your thoughts inward, avoiding any internal chatter or external distractions. 


What you truly want in life is referred to as manifesting that thing. Setting goals and then repeatedly thinking of strategies to achieve those goals is called manifestation. To manifest something means attracting both tangible and intangible things in your life. These attractions generate from firm beliefs and actions mixed with hard work. You opt for strategic thinking. Author and life coach Angelina Lombardo says

“Manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality… fire your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.”

Can you Combine Manifesting, Meditation, and Mindfulness?

You can combine these 3M’s and you should. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation are three different M’s, but they are linked with each other.

Manifesting during your meditation is the best way to focus deeply on what you want in your life, your goals, and how to get it. Practicing mindfulness will allow you to control your distracting thoughts. For a deeper meditation, practice without distractions.

Nothing is worse than getting distracted by your random thoughts wondering if you changed the laundry while you are trying to pave a path toward your future goals. Combining manifesting with meditation and mindfulness is a powerful practice that can change your life in better ways.

Even your favorite celebrities like Drake or Conor McGregorOprah Winfrey believed in the power of the 3M’s and worked hard to achieve their dreams.

3M's relationship with Optimizing Health, Happiness, and Performance

Health, happiness, and performance or somehow linked with each other. If you have a healthy mind, you look better on yourself a sense of happiness adds satisfaction to your mind ultimately producing outclassed performance.

How to achieve long-lasting happiness?

Study shows that happiness and health are interrelated. Happiness is a factor that contributes to the efficiency of your health system initially contributing healthy effects to your performance. As mentioned earlier, meditation, manifesting, and mindfulness play an important role when it comes to your mental health. There is no doubt that a person good at his mental health will also be better in his physical.

When you manifest, you set a goal. You make strategies about it. Meditation will help you have a deep focus on it while Mindfulness controls any distracting thoughts and be a clear path to walk on. This phenomenon creates a sense of responsibility and satisfaction and this is how you achieve optimized health, happiness, and performance.

The most optimized your health the better you will be able to manifest and achieve happiness in meditation. Mindfulness then will make you strong enough who have an exquisite performance making your goals accomplished and provide a better future through hard work. Sincere intentions are converted into actions, you tend to feel much happier about your performance.

Dr. Justin Laube, MD from Everyday Health outlines that:

Scientific evidence has emerged which shows meditation can be a helpful tool in fighting chronic illnesses, including depression, heart disease, and chronic pain.”

Benefits of Manifesting, Meditating, and Mindfulness

Here are the leading benefits of 3M’s:

Relax mindset: A relaxed mindset believes in better performance of your daily tasks and will help you have personal time as well.

Prevents Procrastination: If you are a procrastinator, it is best if you follow the 3M’s as it will engage you more actively in your tasks, helping you achieve your desires.

Increase awarenessWhen you decide what you want and stick to it, you become more aware of your needs. This will create a balance between your thoughts and your hard work.

Provides direction: Harmony is created between your thoughts and you find a way of happiness and convenient performance.

Release stressMeditation will help your mind free far from stressful situations and thoughts. This will help you with deep stress and anxiety.

Improve focusWhen you were walking towards a road, these are the tools that we provide you ut the most focus and determination.

Tips on how to Manifest, Meditate and Be Mindful

To truly manifest, the first thing you need to know is what you want in your life. Once you have decided that, you must plan it out and make optimum strategies to get it. After done asking, write down your goals, work hard towards them with clean, calm, and mindful thoughts, and trust the process. Practice gratitude and raise your vibration as well.


Meditation plays a crucial role in manifestation, and mindfulness plays a crucial role in meditation.

Here are simple tips to help you meditate while being mindful.

  • Find a quiet place and eliminate all the distractions
  • The decided time limit for your meditation
  • Follow your breath
  • Keep a check on your mine
  • If you have destruction, drag yourself back through the “Recycle-Bin technique
  • When you feel like you are at ease, open your eyes slowly.

This article will help you in controlling your thoughts:


Summing up Manifestation vs Meditation vs Mindfulness

When it comes to meditation, manifesting, and mindfulness, it is all about setting up your mindset to be open-minded, relaxed, and accepting the reality you face to get what you desire. You need to put in equal efforts to bring your games to life.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Meditation are important to use to help shape your thoughts and ultimately your life. These tools will provide you with optimum health, that will lead to happiness and productive performance.

So, take a deep breath. Manifest, Meditate and be Mindful and go for the things that you deserve and wish for.