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5 most successful businesses owned by UFC fighters

UFC fighters’ pay has been a controversial issue for a long time now. One of the outcomes has been that the fighters have become considering launching businesses to make a profit while not inside the cage. It is not surprising that some initiatives have had more success than others.

In general, the more well-known the fighter is associated with, the more profitable their business is. This is apparent because of the successes experienced by such stars as Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal’s ventures in the realm of business. If they are done right the kind of ventures mentioned above are extremely lucrative for the athletes involved.

#5. GAME UP Nutrition - Nick & Nate Diaz

Anyone who is who are familiar with the UFC will not be surprised to learn it’s been announced that Nick as well as Nate Diaz have launched a top-of-the-line CBD company. GAME UP Nutrition offers a range of CBD products. Thanks to the advice of the founders of the company All of their products are vegan and organic.

The company has a vast selection of CBD oil, hemp flowers as well as CBD pre-rolls. Although it might not be more prominent than some of the other companies owned by fighters on this list however, it is certainly not a hidden gem. Diaz brothers’ faithful fan base is certainly behind the venture and is a force for good.

In in the ring, both fighters’ prospects are uncertain following their both fought in 2021. Nate appears to indicate that the possibility of competing without the UFC however Nick appears inclined to stay in the Octagon.

#4. Gamebred FC - Jorge Masvidal

Former UFC Welterweight title challenger Jorge Masvidal has numerous projects outside of the Octagon. One of them is the Gamebred Fighting Championship, a naked-knuckle MMA promotion that he created in the year 2000. So far, the event has hosted four events that have all been held at Biloxi, Mississippi.

The concept of bare-knuckle is influenced by the past of Masvidal’s in street fights that were fought underground. The tournament has seen a variety of local talent participate with the likes of ex- Contender Series standout Brok Weaver and former NFL star Frank Gore.

It is yet to be determined how far this promotion will expand and how successful it is, but it has proven to be a success so far due to Masvidal’s acclaim. In addition, ‘Gamebred’ is also the partial participant in the iKON Fighting Championship, which can be watched via UFC Fight Pass.

#3. Lousiana Style Hot Sauce - Dustin Poirer

Dustin Poirier’s Louisiana Hot Sauce was a surprisingly venture that came out prior to the fighter’s third and second fights against Conor McGregor. There are currently a variety of sauces to choose from, each featuring different degrees of spice. In fact, McGregor has given the sauce favorable review, even though he altered his stance prior to his final fight of the trilogy fight.

The product is an innovative project that pays tribute to the travels of Poirier as an Louisiana native. The proceeds from the sale will go directly to The Good Fight Foundation, which hopes to provide 300,000 meals for people in need in southern Louisiana.

In terms of his career in the octagon ring, he’s not currently fighting after last fighting Charles Oliveira in December of last year. Although he lost that fight He is still among the top lightweights on this world. The fans will have to watch and find out what’s to offer Dustin Poirier as well as his fiery sauce.

#2. Recuerdo Mezcal - Jorge Masvidal

Although Masvidal isn’t the first businessman to launch an idea like this His acclaim makes him an ideal candidate to succeed in this area. The company itself is located in Oaxaca in the southwest of Mexico however, it was first was launched across the US in Florida, California, and Texas.

Jorge Masvidal makes his second appearance on the list with the name of his Mezcal firm, Recuerdo Mezcal. The alcohol-based beverage industry has proven to be a viable alternative for UFC fighters looking to branch out with their own businesses, and Recuerdo Mezcal seems to be a no-go.

The product has been praised by numerous favorable reviews, which gives an impression that the company has a bright future. Even though Masvidal will never acknowledge this however, it appears that this business decision was influenced by the success in a competitor’s alcohol beverage business.

#1. Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey - Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey could be the most lucrative business owned by an UFC fighter. In 2013 the duo sold their largest stake in the company into Proximo Spirits for a fee estimated to be up to 600 million dollars.

This is an indication of the extent of success was it McGregor and his associates created. It is a perfect match for the movie “The Notorious,” especially because of his famous Irish tradition and the growing popularity of whiskey in the nation. The company also gives a lot of money to first-responders around the world.

Conor McGregor is known for being among the most lucrative athletes of all time. In Proper No. Twelve, he discovered an additional way to boost his fortune. Although he might no longer be participant in the bulk ownership of the company, McGregor remains actively involved with the company and appears regularly in their ads.

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