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Dricus Du Plessis MMA Journey & Records

Dricus Du Plessis is an MMA fighter born on August 12, 1994. Dricus Du Plessis is a really good fighter in mixed martial arts. He is a well-known athlete from South Africa who has a solid track record of success and strength. People like watching him fight because he is exciting and does well with both hitting and wrestling. Outside of the fighting ring, he’s seen as someone who doesn’t give up and works really hard. Within the MMA community, he is well respected. Dricus is becoming well-known and displaying to everyone that he is a competitive player in the sport.

BMI of Dricus Du Plessis

Height 6.1 feet
Weight 184 lbs
BMI = 83.5 kg / (1.85 m)^2

How the journey of Dricus Du Plessis Starts

At the young age of 14, Dricus Du Plessis began his adventure in the martial arts by engaging himself in the field of kickboxing training. It was a crucial occasion that set the stage for his extraordinary career. He bravely entered the ring for his first bout the next year, at 15 years old, and began his journey into competitive fighting.

Additionally, He reached a remarkable milestone in a couple of short years. He became the first-ever K-1 king from South Africa and a world champion by the age of 18. This made history for the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations.

This amazing achievement showed not only how skilled Dricus Du Plessis is at kickboxing, but also how quickly he rose to popularity in the field.Discovering his true passion, Dricus Du Plessis realized he had a natural talent for kickboxing. His rapid success demonstrated that kickboxing was his main passion and that he was highly talented in it.

Dricus Du Plessis Journey

His career in mixed martial arts (MMA) has been incredible. Let’s examine some of his major achievements.

Kickboxing Days: Discovering Your Intent

At the age of 14,  he began training in martial arts, specifically kickboxing. He enjoyed it, therefore it wasn’t just a pastime. However, his narrative began with the training sessions, driven by his intense love of martial arts.

First Battle at 15: A Courageous Start

When he was fifteen, Dricus made a major move by going into the ring for his first-ever match. This was the beginning of his journey into the world of competitive fighting. He was a shining example of strength and determination, leading the way for what was to follow.

18-year-old World Champion: Making History

The speed with which Dricus ascended to the top is what sets him apart. As South Africa’s first WAKO K-1 king, he made history by becoming a world champion before the age of 18. This accomplishment not only demonstrated his innate brilliance but also the quick ascent of a young fighter.

From Kickboxing to MMA: A Versatile Warrior Dricus continued his fighting career. As his abilities grew, he switched to mixed martial arts (MMA). This move demonstrated his versatility, showing that he was skilled in many fighting styles rather than just one.

Amazing UFC Adventure

After entering the UFC, Dricus kept becoming better. There are many richest UFC fighters but his efforts in fighting career is different from other. His recent triumphs against accomplished opponents like Robert Whittaker and Sean Strickland demonstrate his wide range of skills, from TKOs to decision wins.

Worldwide Acknowledgment: From EFC to UFC

Dricus was a dominant force in the EFC prior to the UFC, winning by submissions and knockouts. His rise from regional promotions to the international UFC stage is evidence of his development and accomplishments in the mixed martial arts community.

The Next Chapter: A Rising Star

Jounrey of Dricus is one of perseverance, accomplishments, and a love for martial arts. He creates a new chapter in the mixed martial arts world with every battle, encouraging others in the process. However, fans are eager to witness the thrilling triumphs that this gifted fighter will likely achieve in the future, since his path is far from complete.

Record of Dricus Du Plessis

He has an impressive record of victories in his mixed martial arts (MMA) journey. Let’s take a closer look at some of his notable fights:

UFC 297 – January 20, 2024
Opponent: Sean Strickland

Result: Win (21–2)
Method: Decision (split)

UFC 290 – July 8, 2023
Opponent: Robert Whittaker

Result: Win (20–2)
Method: TKO (punches) • Round 2 (2:23)

UFC 285 – March 4, 2023
Opponent: Derek Brunson

Result: Win (19–2)
Method: TKO (corner stoppage) • Round 2 (4:59)

UFC 282 – December 10, 2022
Opponent: Darren Till

Result: Win (18–2)
Method: Submission (face crank) • Round 3 (2:43)

UFC 276 – July 2, 2022
Opponent: Brad Tavares

Result: Win (17–2)
Method: Decision (unanimous)

UFC 264 – July 10, 2021
Opponent: Trevin Giles

Result: Win (16–2)
Method: KO (punches) • Round 2 (1:41)

Image of Dricus du pless after wining a match

Wins of Dricus Du Plessis Before UFC:

Dricus had a remarkable journey even before joining the UFC. Some standout victories include:

EFC 83 (December 14, 2019): Win against Brendan Lesar via Submission (guillotine choke) in Round 1 (4:15).
KSW 50 (September 14, 2019): Win against Joilton Santos via TKO (punches) in Round 2 (3:04).

Early Challenges:

KSW 45 (October 6, 2018): Loss against Roberto Soldić via KO (punches) in Round 3 (2:33).
These early challenges did not deter Dricus Du Plessis but fueled his determination, leading to subsequent victories and eventually earning his spot in the UFC.

EFC Dominance:

Before entering the international MMA scene, Dricus showcased his skills in EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship), where he secured victories against tough opponents with various submission and KO techniques.
Dricus Du Plessis’ journey is a story of resilience, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Morever, his records not only reflect his impressive wins but also the lessons learned from setbacks, making him a force to be reckoned with in the world of mixed martial arts.