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Visualization & How to use it to get success [Beginner’s Guide]

What is Visualization?

Don’t know what visualization means? Searching for the definition in the dictionary may confuse you. The definition of visualization provided in the Merriam Webster Dictionary is “the formation of mental visual images or the act or process of interpreting visual terms or of putting them into visible form.” Still, confused right??

Let’s make it simple: Having an image of things in your mind that you want to achieve in your life is visualization. The practice of visualization is often associated with mindfulness and meditation. For visualization, you may need a quiet place, and calm your body before thinking about things you wish to experience in your daily life.

Why is visualization important?

Making images in the mind of success is an art that has assisted many powerful individuals like Oprah, Bill Gates, Jack Nicklaus, and Jim Carry to achieve success.

Visualization is the process of imagining that you’re achieving your goal and the emotions that accompany the achievement. When you are familiar with the feelings of accomplishment, you boost the desire to attain the goal and believe the likelihood of success is more achievable.

Inspiration & Hope
When you’ve fallen down and you are struggling, positive thinking can help you from feeling depressed and low. It can energize and motivate you instead of making you feel defeated and hopeless. Once you start thinking about happiness and success and you have a positive attitude regarding the current situation you’ll have no room to cry over spilled milk.

When we visualize ourselves doing the things that we need to achieve, we are more confident about our abilities. And the more secure we feel more likely we will make the right decisions that are necessary to be successful.

When you imagine you also get aware of yourself, and you have to think positively about yourself as you want to be your friend, not an enemy. When you increase your positive thinking, you will begin to bring positive results into your life. You may not observe changes on the first day however, the process of reinforcement is like planting seeds. In the first few days, you’ll be happier and, over time it will be apparent that things are beginning to change.

It improves your focus. When you visualize similar things, again and again, it inclines to expand your focus. Once you work on one thing and focus on it, you will realize that your brain is generally getting more and more focused due to all the mental exercise that it has been doing.

Power of Positive Visualization​

Positive visualization is a technique to master real-world situations and achieve goals by using the power of positive thinking. Think of positive visualization as a “mental practice” that we carry out in our minds. It is like a daydream but more attentive to the goals that we want to attain.  Positive visualization, much like its name, talks about concentrating on the positives in life and that practice allegedly makes even impossible tasks look achievable.

How to use the Power of Visualization?

You’re already doing it, probably without realizing that you are doing it! When you are focused on what could go wrong, things can happen and increase the tendency to concentrate on the possibility of something going incorrect… 

You can also tap the power of your imagination and utilize it to your advantage.

“No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.” -Demi Lovato

When you have the image of your goals in your mind, you’ll more likely take action on what is necessary to turn that dream into reality. You’ll also be more alert to opportunities and the most suitable people when you use your mind as a strong visual signal.

Everything that has ever been created or accomplished began with an idea in someone’s mind. Most of the time, due to an urge or a need the idea took place and the person began to focus their attention on the idea.

Visualization Techniques

The following are the most powerful visualization techniques that you can use to achieve your goals!

Visualize that you are succeeding

Simply visualize yourself accomplishing your goal.

It’s possible to imagine yourself running towards the end of an endurance race or holding the hand of the CEO following a significant announcement. If you can keep any kind of image within your mind you’ll be able gain motivation and build confidence from this event.

Establish triggered visuals

Our minds are well-versed in connecting with experiences. That’s the reason that even a small fragrance can trigger an intense memory and surge of emotions. You can position yourself to be successful by creating your own triggers for your subconscious mind to act upon.

Jimmy cheque technique

Another way to visualize your goals is to make yourself an actual Check (for financial goals). If, for instance, you’re hoping to become a millionaire before the age of 40, you could write yourself a check for $1 million, and then get it put up in a frame.

This strategy was famously employed in the comedy of Jim Carrey, who wrote himself a check for $10 million which was dated 10 years into the past.

Your “Happy Place”

For some people, a happy place can be on a boat that is in between an uninvolved body of water. For others, it’s in the middle of a moshing pit the punk rock festival. It doesn’t matter where your ideal location is in so far as you think about it and it calms your mind and removes your negative feelings.

Convert your desires into beliefs

A lot of people think of their visualizations as things they wish to see occurring, instead of things that they believe are likely to happen. If you wish to be successful, you must alter your mindset. Making your dreams into beliefs is a crucial and effective method for visualization.

Positivity in visualization

Positive thinking is proven to provide massive benefits for your mental health including reducing anxiety as well as improving your mental state

In this way, you must be focusing your visualizations on positive thoughts. If you experience that a negative thought is occupying your mind as a result of your visualization, counter it with a similar positive.

Visualization for weight loss

Visualization can help your weight loss! You didn’t know that right? It is scientifically proven. The way you picture things in your head affects your subconscious mind and consequently, it also impacts your body.

Imagine yourself slimmer, the way you’d like to appear will help to shape your body according to your goals.

Losing weight by means of imaginative visualization is a “mental diet”. Your chances of success are greater if along with visualization, you decrease the amount of food you consume take a healthy diet and get your body moving.

Following are a few tips to use the power of visualization for weight loss:

Visualize it as you wish it to be Two times a day, take a moment in a calm space and imagine your body in the way you want it to be. Let your worries, doubts, and other thoughts to the side, and just focus on what you’re doing.

Imagine you’re slim Imagine yourself beautiful, slim, and at the ideal weight. In your mind, you can see how stunning you appear. You could also imagine yourself wearing those clothes that you’ve always dreamed of wearing.

Visualize people who compliment your appearance Visualize your friends and family saying how beautiful your body appears and the way slimmer you look right now. Consider the entire scene as real it is happening now.

Create in your mind various scenarios You can imagine in your head any scenario you like, in which you’re the protagonist. Imagine yourself working out or dancing, having fun with friends, spending time with your spouse or husband or working or at home, etc.

In all of these scenarios imagine yourself hearing people compliment your appearance and your slim figure and they look at you admiringly.

Realistic and alive mental images Construct in your mind images that have realistic and colorful. Create scenes inside your mind fascinating and real. You can see yourself in every scene slim, as you’ll appear after losing weight.

A healthy diet in the proper amounts If you want to lose weight, don’t imagine that you’re disgusted by certain food items or eating. Do not become averse to any food. Food is essential for the body however, it is important to be in a moderate manner.

Visualization for success

Do you know that numerous successful people used the power of visualization to achieve their goals including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Carrey?

Have you ever thought that skills can be developed by engaging in visualization? Essential abilities can be identified and focused on for improvements, such as managing stress and healthy lifestyle choices, the ability to make decisions, critical thinking goals.

Visualization is a technique that has been employed in many different ways. Teachers have instructed students to imagine tests in order to ensure success. Doctors have advised patients to utilize visualization when beating ailments. Coaches have also employed visualization techniques to teach players new drills or scoring the winning goal. The techniques and skills used for visualization could be employed by anyone who wants to visualize your success at job interviews or traveling, weight loss, or any other everyday routine that is viewed as stressful.

Visualization can be utilized as a complement to mindfulness. Fighterpreneur defines mindfulness as paying attention in a specific manner, with intention, and in the present and without judgment. For additional information on mindfulness, read the following fighterpreneur article

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Visualization Meditation

According to Matco 2019, Visualization meditation is a kind of meditation that requires concentration on the mental image or images that help in focusing and calming the body and mind. 

Any image you feel peaceful may be effective, however, there are a lot of common images that could aid. Pictures of flowers that are opening and closing within the body, taking in and exhaling light rays into and out of the body as if breathing, or picturing regions of the body in which tension is gradually increasing are easy ways to develop an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. It is also possible to use guided meditation software to help you refine your focus when you are having difficulty choosing the right image.

People who practice visualization meditation could reap the benefits of meditation, which may provide psychological stability, relief from pain, and many more.

Visualization Meditation Benefits

Visualization meditation can be an effective method for some people to treat and manage the symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, or stress. Although meditation isn’t the only method of treatment for these conditions it may be an effective complement to current treatments, stop the occurrence of symptoms, and promote positive emotions.

Alongside the health of the brain, there has been some research that suggests that meditation can help ease physical pain such as low back pain, chronic diseases, and other ailments that are a result of aging, and lower the risk of developing heart-related issues.

How to do Visualization Meditation?

If you’re trying to do meditation with visualization and you have ever done meditation practice before, the methods will be similar to the regular meditation routine.

  • Relax in a comfortable place with your eyes closed with nobody around. Your thoughts should be as peaceful and clear as possible.
  • Imagine the image that you’d like to be focused on in your exercise of visualization.
  • By using the breath to serve as your reference take a deep breath and exhale while you imagine your body or any other object that is opening and closing using breath.
  • Make sure to prevent your thoughts from drifting off to other thoughts or feelings to keep you focused and in tune with the practice.

Just like other kinds of mediation it also requires time and practice. Begin by meditating for just five minutes, and gradually work towards longer sessions. If you’re ready to get going, just relax and find your meditation anchor to center your breath and start your meditation practice.